Hyundai Ioniq To Be Available As Plug-In Hybrid, EV And Hybrid Car

Hyundai has officially announced plans to launch its first-ever dedicated hybrid car at the beginning of 2016 year!

To be named Ioniq, the vehicle is set to be officially unveiled in South Korea in January of next year with European and North American debuts scheduled for Geneva, Switzerland and New York, NY auto shows, respectively.
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It was previously thought that the 2017 Ioniq will only be available as a hybrid car and plug-in hybrid vehicle, however, Hyundai today surprised the world announcing that Ioniq will also be offered as an all-electric, zero emission vehicle!

That means the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq will be the first car ever to offer 3 electrified powertrain options in a single body!
While Hyundai has yet to release first official details for all of the Ioniq’s available drivetrains, it did mention that the vehicle rides on an all-new platform that was specifically designed for the car’s multi-powertrain options.

Although designed for efficiency, the new car will also be fun to drive!

According to the automaker’s press release, the car’s chassis has been optimized to deliver responsive handling while remaining efficient in each of its 3 powertrain configurations.

In its fully-electric form, the Ioniq will be powered by a high capacity, ultra-efficient lithium ion battery (offering a driving range of 100-200 miles?).

The Ioniq plug-in hybrid model will combine a fuel-efficient energy with battery power obtained by charging the car with electricity, boosting its range while cutting its emissions.

Finally, the hybrid will utilize the gasoline engine and motion of the car to charge the on-board battery, which returns enhanced efficiency by supplementing the engine’s power.

Known facts about the new Hyundai Ioniq

  • Hyundai Ioniq will be offered as a hybrid car, plug-in hybrid and all-electric model
  • It will share its powertrain technology with Kia Niro (a crossover-type sibling model from Kia Motors)
  • Set to be unveiled in January 2016 (first in Korea)
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